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About us
ProU Team Introduction

Long-term accumulation and continuous innovation

The PC-based control system has changed from trend to mainstream:

Industrial field requirements for machine vision and data are increasing day by day The rapid growth of PC hardware performance and stability Real-time system technology gradually matures The rapid development of fieldbus technology

Long-term accumulation

Forecast based on acquisition and simulation
Solutions that focus on the core process of the industry
Competitive platform products  2019
Project and product development  2015~2018

Long-term accumulation

PC-based PLC: integrated visualization, visual guidance, motion and logic control

Zero learning threshold programming language
Japanese ladder diagram, structured text, function block (ProU)
C# & C++ (Visual Studio)

Based on Microsoft Windows and real-time system.
Maintain traditional PLC stability and higher execution efficiency.
Improve the scalability of the system

Analyze machine process data and establish learning models to optimize key equipment data

Continue to innovate

The model generated by ProU Brain based on equipment operating data predicts upcoming major failures, reminds users to prepare for equipment maintenance, and greatly reduces the loss of customer value caused by shutdowns

ProU Brain assists in generating the best equipment parameters for optimizing machine efficiency (yield rate, CT, product consistency, trouble-free working time)

Development path

2000  Started PLC technology accumulation
2004  Start product sales
2010  Start PC based technology exploration
2011  Embedded system conversion PC based / motion board expansion function
2015  CAD file import and editing / EtherCAT master
2016  PC based real-time environment
2017  Visual guidance basic functions / flight shooting
2018  Vision guided block diagram development / Function block
2019  Continuous interpolation
2020  Real-time vision / electronic cam

2016 ——

Millions of angel round investments
Software Enterprise
Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Second Prize
Ten million-level Pre-A round investment
National High-tech Enterprise

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