Motion control, visual guidance, advanced human-computer interaction

Extend in all directions

Built-in ferroelectric memory, support machine running data to be retained after power failure

Built-in 8 channels of 200KHz high-speed pulse input and 16 channels of 200KHz pulse output to meet the control needs of bus + pulse mode
Windows 10 64bit+ real-time operating system (RTOS), user programs run in the real-time system
Intel high-performance CPU guarantees extremely fast operation of vision and motion control calculations
-10~50℃ wide temperature operation, CE certification
Support up to 6 camera visual positioning + 64-axis EtherCAT bus + pulse motion control

All in one


winPLC supports EtherCAT master station, supports up to 64 axis motion control and 128 EtherCAT slave stations
Support common mainstream EtherCAT drivers and IO

Sport control

Support advanced motion control functions such as 2-axis plane interpolation, 3-axis spatial difference interpolation, electronic cams, etc.
T-type and S-type speed curve planning, supports continuous interpolation of up to 4 coordinate systems

Rich IO

Built-in 64 high-speed IO, including up to 16 channels of 200KHz high-speed pulse output and 4 channels of 200KHz AB phase high-speed counting
6 intel i21X series Gigabit Ethernet ports

Machine vision

Support commonly used machine image algorithms for vision guidance and measurement applications
Built-in alignment algorithms for common mechanical structures, and support user-defined point alignment algorithms

Soft PLC and API

Complete PLC programming language: ladder diagram, C and ST
At the same time support API function call program development
Runs independently in real-time system, even if Microsoft Windows is abnormal, it can run stably

Advanced visualization

How to use the touch screen, mapping PLC registers
Support CAD graphics file import, data analysis and storage, productivity statistics, mainstream robot interaction and other powerful controls

Long-term accumulation

PC-based PLC: integrated visualization, visual guidance, motion and logic control

Zero learning threshold programming language
Japanese ladder diagram, structured text, function block (ProU)
C# & C++ (Visual Studio)

Based on Microsoft Windows and real-time system.
Maintain traditional PLC stability and higher execution efficiency.
Improve the scalability of the system

Analyze machine process data and establish learning models to optimize key equipment data

Advanced visualization ProC

Basic controls such as shafts and cylinders assist developers to quickly complete machine development
Advanced controls such as Excel, CAD, and robots support user equipment to realize data storage and visualization, rapid trial teaching of position or motion trajectory, or efficient interaction of peripheral equipment
ProC is an open framework based on .net. Users can embed their own developed controls in ProC and call them flexibly.

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