Application documentation
PCIpro—Capability Multiplier of Motion Control Card Motion control card is one of the core products of PC Based control. With the increasing demand for machine vision, human-computer interaction, and data collection in the automation industry in recent years
winMotion—Future-oriented industrial computer solution At present, a large number of industrial computers (IPC) with different configurations are used in the industrial field as computing centers for motion control, machine vision, data collection
PC based control system enters the traditional automation field In recent years, PC-based control systems have been in a stage of rapid growth. Especially in the electronics industry, driven by the entire industry's demand for machine vision, data upload
Explore the mystery of flying-the realization of high-speed and high-precision flying Unlike typical motion control systems such as canning and printing applications that have already achieved core processes such as "cans" and "printing" during the movement process
Faster, more stable, more powerful In many high-speed automation applications, the requirements for the interaction speed and stability of machine vision and motion control are getting higher and higher. Simply put
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